Author Michelle Davis shows us her delicious Vegan Nachos that you can make without breaking the bank! Check the recipe below! 

Nachos with Tex-Mex Queso

Cook Time: 25 Minutes

Makes about 2½  cups



1 tablespoon olive or safflower oil

1 shallot, chopped or ¼ cup chopped yellow onion

1 clove garlic, minced

2 starchy potatoes like russets, peeled and cubed (4 cups)

2 carrots, peeled and cubed (1½ cups)

2 cups veggie broth, divided

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

½  cup nooch*

¼  cup olive or safflower oil

2 tablespoons lime juice

1 tablespoon Bragg’s**

½  teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon chili powder

½  teaspoon cumin

1½  cups diced canned tomatoes

1 jalapeño, seeded and minced


Toppings: chips, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño slices, Quinoa Taco Mix (see below) or

1½  cups cooked black beans, salsa, guacamole


In a clean skillet warm the tablespoon of oil of the over a medium heat. Add the shallot and sauté until it looks kinda golden, 3 to 4 minutes. Add the garlic, potatoes, carrots, and first cup of broth to the pan, stir, then cover. Let that braise until the potatoes and carrots are soft, about 15 minutes. When the veggies are soft, let that cool for a sec while you toss the rest of the veggie broth, milk, nooch, oil, lime juice, Bragg’s, salt, and spices into a blender. Add the softened veggies and all the liquids in the pan to the blender and run it until the sauce is all creamy, about 30 seconds. Taste and add more spices or lime juice if you think it’s necessary. Stir in the tomatoes and jalapeño, DO NOT BLEND, taste and then serve right away as a dip or go ahead and make the nachos.

To make the nachos warm up your oven to 350 degrees and line a large baking sheet with tortilla chips. Drizzle the chips with ½ cup of the queso and 1 cup of the Quinoa Taco Mix. Add another layer of chips, queso, and taco mix and then stick it in the oven until the chips are all warmed up, about  10 minutes. Layer on the salsa, cilantro, onions, jalapeños, guacamole, and more queso and Quinoa Taco Mix. Serve this tasty dish right away and brace yourself for some next level nacho-ness.